Sunday, May 27, 2012

War Opportunities

Hello! During this war you will have the opportunity to earn a set of Special titles for Certain things. These would be Obtaining the special weapon drops from all of the mini bosses (Titles will be given for the number of drops you got, Proof must be provided in some form)  , Participating in the war, and Best Zombie outfit. There will be only one of the "Best Zombie outfit" Title. And Everyone can earn the others. The Title's will be as follows

Zombie Slayer = Participate in the war.
Zombie Hunter = Obtain 1 of the weapon drops
Zombie Destroyer = Obtain 2 of the weapon drops
Zombie Warlord = Obtain 3 of the weapon drops
Zombie Puritan = Obtain 4 of the weapon drops
Bane of Zombies = Obtain 5 of the weapon drops
Zombie Knight = Have the best zombie outfit.

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